Live. Online. Guitar Lessons.

If you LOVE music and want to learn how to play Guitar like the pros, Austin Music School has the perfect Guitarist that can teach you.

Experienced Guitarists

Learn from Guitarists with experience on stage and in the classroom.

All Difficulties

Just getting started or have been practicing for a while? We can help!

Flexible Scheduling

Easily find a time that works for you and your teacher. Get notified before your lessons!

Skeptical About Remote Guitar Lessons?

We were too, at first… but once we mastered the technical aspects everything changed. Remote learning took us all by surprise in a big way. In fact, we love it so much we decided we want to keep doing it! For the most part we’ve excelled at enhancing video and audio quality on popular video meeting apps so everything is crystal clear on our end.

After walking you through tweaking a few settings on computer, phone, or tablet, you’ll be good to go! Your audio and video will be optimized and ready for your first lesson!

Want to schedule a FREE 15 min introduction?

We can help you get the perfect set up for your online lesson with our FREE introductory 15 min lesson. That way we can help you with any questions or set-up assistance.

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Online Guitar Lessons FAQs

How long are lessons typically?

Guitar Lessons lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60 minute slots. 

How frequently can I schedule lessons?

Our scheduling is very flexible. You can schedule lessons once a week or for multiple days for each week. You can even schedule multiple lessons each day.

How many students for each lesson?

Due to the constraints of online streaming, Austin Music School is only offering 1 on 1  lessons for Guitar Lessons.