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Kelli Tucci

Founder, Austin Music School


Born in Seattle, Kelli Tucci started taking piano lessons and music theory at the age of 5, followed by vocal lessons at age 9. When she moved to Austin, Texas in the summer of '99 she became more interested in singing and found her passion for performing when she was introduced to a local summer rock camp. She wrote and recorded her first song with the help of Austin legend David Sebree at the age of 14.


Kelli was trained classically as a coloratoura soprano where she performed operas for the University of Oklahoma, winning several awards and scholarships in numerous vocal competitions for her performances. She graduated with honors as Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Oklahoma in 2013.


In 2010, Kelli made her international debut at the Operafestival di Roma in Rome, Italy as an Operatic Soprano. Her performances included the works of Il Pipistello (Johann Strauss) and Suor Genovieffa, in Suor Angelica (Giacomo Puccini), among others. While pursuing her degree, Kelli performed professionally for the Cimarron Opera Company in Oklahoma.

After graduating in 2013, Kelli returned to Austin where she sought group projects in the Austin live music scene, joining the likes of the Shotgun Civics, the Soap Boxers, and her personal project Garden Party. Pre-covid, she would regularly perform live in Austin and tour Texas with her band.

Kelli began professionally teaching vocalists in 2011 and officially founded Austin Music School in 2020.

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"Um, I've found my official voice teacher... No doubt. And no comparison."

— Everson (8 yrs. old)

"Beyond Kelli's talent, she is so patient and creative with kids in teaching them to learn and get excited about music. "

— Julie Pelaez
Student Mom

"Kelli makes music tangible. She has a firm grasp of development and is able to inspire and lead students at a pace they are comfortable with."

— Bonnie Brushwood
Student Mom